Aline Bottcher


@alinebottcher: Hey there! I'm Aline and I'm an university graduate in Brazil from Facamp's Design program in 2007. I l-o-v-e graphic design and I'm completely in love with it; and that's not just a crush! I can feel it in my head and it's just tingling. I lived in New York every weekend of 2004 and that's because I lived in New Jersey on the week-days all of 52 weeks of that year. Last year, I got selected as 1 of the 200 new talents around the world by APW Arts, a gallery in New York City.
Now, I am in Campinas, Brazil and I have worked for clients such as Unilever (knorr, ades, rexona, etc), Casa Cor Campinas, Structure, EMS, Roche, Companhia das Ervas, Facamp, Aliança Francesa, Coca-Cola.
Anyway, I hope my portfolio makes you tingle inside as well... after all, that's the meaning of art, isn't it?